Monday, March 10, 2014

Miss My's Saturday brunch at Deli Cafe Maya

Last Saturday I had brunch at Deli Café Maya in Punavuori. Brunch is very trendy right now and many places offer brunch on Saturday and/or Sunday. When I tried to find good brunch places I stumbled upon a really good blog called brunssipartio. Brunssipartio's writers offer a list of brunch places in Helsinki and they regularly visit and review brunch places. 

We had reserved a table making us one of the lucky few who got to enjoy the Saturday brunch as many people who showed up without a reservation were told the place was fully booked. And I understand why as the place is small and cosy and the offered brunch rich and filling.

I started off with the salads, omelette, ribs (delicious!) and home-made buns and croissants. There were several cured cold meat options, a selection of cheeses, fresh fruits and fruit juices.

My daughter was very keen on trying the yoghurt pots with home-made muesli or brownie and organic honey. I was very interested in the carrot cake and cheesecake. The carrot cake was heavenly. Soft, moist and sweet but not too sweet. Perfect really. So perfect that I had 4 pieces.

I would definitely recommend brunch at Deli Café Maya as the selection was great, the price (17€) very reasonable, the atmosphere cosy and the service very friendly. Try the ribs, croissants and carrot cake!

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