Sunday, September 29, 2013

Chris Hemsworth's Heavenly Malibu House

Chris Hemsworth and his wife, Elsa Pataky, have just bought a beautiful house in Malibu. From Paul Hogan a.k.a. Crocodile Dundee no less.

The house has ocean views, vaulted ceilings and a guest house. Normally I am not a big fan of grey as a kitchen or wall colour but in this house it really works. I love how they have created a little office off the kitchen. I also love the shelves next to the fireplace in the living room, the wood panelling and those little seating areas in front of the windows with the ocean views just make me want to move right in with them. Perhaps Chris and his wife are looking for a nanny/personal assistant/gardener/pool boy? If so, then I better update my c.v. a.s.a.p.!

Have a look at the homely and heavenly house.

For more information go to:

Friday, September 27, 2013

Miss My's Favourite Song of the Moment: 'Communication' by The Cardigans

I love music. Many people do. My favourite song of the moment is 'Communication' by The Cardigans.

The Cardigans are a Swedish rock band formed in 1992. They are probably best known for their song 'Lovefool' (love me love me, say that you love me) which was included in the soundtrack of Baz Luhrmann's film Romeo + Juliet starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes.

Even though I like 'Lovefool', my favourite Cardigans song is 'Communication'. I love the lyrics, melody and lead singer Nina Persson's voice. It's a song I can listen to over and over again without tiring of it. And trust me, that's saying a lot. Have a listen.

For more information on The Cardigans go to:

Miss My Loves Dr. Antonio Martins' Organic Coconut Juice

Lately I have been drinking a lot of Dr. Antonio Martins' Coco Juice. Instead of eating an evening snack I have a glass of coconut juice. It's not cheap (6,80 euro per liter) but I really love the taste and apparently it's really good for after exercising. Not that I exercise much but still. Maybe I just like it because it makes me feel like I exercised. Like ooh, I should rehydrate with coconut juice now because I just took the stairs to our apartment.

Dr. Antonio's Martins' Coco Juice is juice from the young coconut. According to Dr. Martins the juice is hypo-allergenic, contains nearly no fat and brings you the same mineral balance found in your body. Perhaps that is why coconut water is really popular amongst celebrities who, unlike me, exercise a lot. Madonna, Gisele Bundchen, Sienna Miller and Courteney Cox have been spotted carrying a bottle of Vita Coco coconut water.

I'm not sure if coconut juice is as healthy as Dr. Martins claims it to be, but for me it is really nice to drink something other than water that is healthier than soft drinks and/or fruit juices containing lots of sugar.

Coconut juice might not be to everyone's taste and I admit it took me a while to get used to it but now I am almost addicted to it. And oh yeah, there is coconut juice with chocolate for the people who don't like the taste of regular coconut juice. Yay.

For more info on Dr. Antonio Martins' Coco Juice go to:

And when visiting the website put on your headphones because the website plays a nice tropical tune!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Miss My at Habitare 2013

Last Saturday Miss Mo and I visited the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre where Habitare 2013 was taking place 18-22 September. Habitare is a furniture, design- and interior decoration fair where beautiful things are displayed. We saw all kinds of things from all kinds of countries. From lamps from Copenhagen to beautifully intricate Moroccan inspired lamps.

We first had a look at the bigger things such as sofas, beds, kitchens, kitchen tables and chairs. Some were very contemporary and some antique looking. Here are some of my favourites from that section.


'Her chair' by Casamania fit me like a glove.

Out of the dark

Some treasures from the Antiques-section:

Intricate oriental jewelry box.

Love the lovely old suitcases.

And last but certainly not least: the interior decoration accessories. It was my favourite section. We oohed and aahed as we saw so many beautiful things there. 

One of the displays we loved was by Dokkän. According to their website "Dokkän offers unique, stylish, oriental and authentic home decor items." and was founded by two female friends. Mymoon always supports businesses founded by friends! It's amazing how much oriental-ness they managed to fit into a few square meters. I just love their lamps and am definitely planning on visiting their shop in Helsinki. Visit their website for inspiration and have a look at their other beautiful products.

Another display we loved with similar oriental style items was by Zocohome. Again, I love the intricate lamps and they offer more white and silver items. I had a look at their website and saw that you can order online. Uh oh, I (or rather my bank account) is in trouble as I fell in love with the silver serving trays which are absolutely stunning. I also love their Moroccan shoe selection. Visit their website for inspiration and try not to empty your bank account when ordering online!

Organic things are trendy right now and one of the stands featured organic soaps and candles from Aamumaa. Aamumaa means land of eternal dawn. I visited their website and I love their philosophy "Going Green For Good". Aamumaa's products are hand-made in Finland using naturally organic products. Aamumaa donates 50 cents from every product sold to WWF (World Wide Found for Nature) to protect animal species that are dependent on ice and snow, such as ice bears and the Saimaa ringed seal (Phoca hispida saimensis). Mymoon loves companies who produce organic products and donate to charity!We got some products, which by the way came in recycled packaging, which you can win by participating in our raffle. More about the raffle later.

Have a look at Aamumaa's fabulous products by visiting their website at:

And some other beautiful things we saw:

For baking pleasure:

Cute towels and wooden accessories:

Cute ceramics:


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