Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Men (= toys for boys)

Ladies, Valentine's Day is approaching and I can imagine you sweating behind your computer trying to come up with a great gift for your man. Well, here are some of my Valentine's Day gift ideas.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Men who like speed/heights/cars.

Why not treat your man (and yourself?) to a hot air balloon ride. It's a fun way to explore his surroundings and it might give him a bit of a thrill or at least something to brag about to his buddies and colleagues. Just make sure he doesn't suffer from vertigo.

Hot air balloon ride!

If your man is a car guy then why not treat him to an hour/day/weekend of driving a luxury car such as a Ferrari? He'll love the attention he is bound to get and it will earn him major kudos with his friends. Also, if you are lucky and you get to sit next to him then you can enjoy throwing 'this-man-is-mine' glances at admiring ladies.

Rent him a ferrari (or another luxury car) for a day!

For guys who like speed a rally car experience would be a great gift. Actually, I wouldn't mind getting it as a present either so it would make a great gift for women too. Just buckle up! And, you know, bring a hairbrush if you want to fix your helmet hair afterwards.

Rally car experience!

If your man likes action movies (think Predator and Terminator) then why not treat him to a Paintball session? He can get rid of some work-related aggression and then go home and watch a chick-flick with you. Win-win!

Paintball, baby!

If your man likes gadgets then why not get him one of these:

If your man likes beer you could gift him a Beertender. He could make his own beers so he will be really really happy. Which in turn will make you happy. If you don't mind beer breath. But perhaps the novelty will wear off after a few months? One can hope.

Beertender. Yes, really.

A 3D TV.  If you are kind enough to buy him one of these then either hide his favourite DVD box sets beforehand or be prepared to see very little of him. If you are lucky and have favourite TV series and movies in common then cuddle up on the sofa together and pass the popcorn!

Say goodbye to your little man!

A tablet is something you can both use although it might cause some arguments. Unless you watch a girly movie on the 3D TV whilst he fiddles with his tablet.

Sony tablet.

For the man who likes classic arcade games. It even has a retro look. It's kind of cute. More importantly, it is small so you can store it away when he is out of the house or when guests come over.


Some other gift ideas:

- Concert tickets to his favourite band.

Of course you can treat him to a concert of his favourite band. He might be extra happy and surprised if the concert happens to include a trip abroad. You, of course, are included in the package and get to go with him!

- A weekend break or city trip. Yay! Paris, here we come!!

- A day of pampering. You can be extra nice to him and try not to get angry when he leaves the toilet seat up. Give him nice massages, rub his feet and treat him to foods you know he loves.

I just thought of another great gift! If your man is a football fan why not get him a football shirt from his favourite football player. Preferably signed by the favourite football player. Try to find one on an auction site such as eBay. 

Well, ladies, if one or more of the above don't make your man happy, well, then not much does!

What will you give your man for Valentine's Day?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Valentine's Day Cupcake Decorating Ideas

I've been thinking about what I would like to get on Valentine's Day. Flowers would be nice (one can always hope) but it would be lovely to get some decorated cupcakes for Valentine's Day. They are yummy and, better yet, you can personalise them! You can make the cupcakes from scratch or buy muffins or cupcakes from a bakery or shop. You can then decorate them at home. It doesn't have to be hard as you can top the cupcakes and/or muffins with whipped cream and some store bought decoration. Even husbands/boyfriends/fiancés/kids can do it! Here are some ideas.








Lots of pink and red. Well, that's ok once a year, right? What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Unelmaloma unelmatalossa

 Nyt iski matkakuume, sen lisäksi, että on talokuume.
Mitä jos seuraavalla lomalla unohtaisi hotellin ja vuokraisi lomatalon- tai asunnon?
Näitä taloja katsellessa voi melkein jo tuntea auringon iholla.

Lomatalo Kroatiassa


 Lisää tietoa täällä

Lomatalo Sardiniassa, Italiassa



Lisää tietoa täällä

Lomatalo Ranskassa

Lisää tietoa täällä

* * * * * 

Lissä lomataloja: www.interhome.fi

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Sweet Singaporean House

Have you ever thought of buying a house in Singapore? No, me neither. But if I had money (always that 'if') I might buy this just for the bedroom alone.

For more pictures and details go to:


Put a Ring on it!

Harry Winston

Jossain vaiheessa elämää sitä mennään ehkä naimisiin. Sitä saa ehkä sormuksen sormeen, merkkinä sitoumuksesta. Mies ehkä yllättää tai sitten ei. Odotellessa voi katsella, ja kauniita esineitähän on aina ilo katsella. Minä olen huono tekemään päätöksiä eikä haittaisi ollenkaan, jos mies yllättäisi itse valitsemallaan sormuksella. 

Vilkaistaanpa ensin, mitä julkkikset kantavat sormissaan. Yleisesti ottaen jotain liian painavaa ja kimaltavaa, mutta on joukossa hillitympääkin tyyliä. 

Kristin Cavallari
Kate Bosworth
Keira Knightley
Kate Middleton
Jessica Alba
Carmen Electra
Alyson Hannigan

Ja tässä joitakin kauniita löytöjä:
Flakka timanttisormus 1 385,00 €

Lumoava Kiara sormus valkokultaa 895,00 €

Lumoava Tahdon timanttisormus valkokulta 1 045,00 €

14 karaatin valkokultasormus 616€ (1.073€)
14 karaatin valkokultasormus 546€ (956€)

14 karaatin valkokultasormus 646€ (1.152€)

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