Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Fair in Helsinki

Miss Mo and I love a good fair. Especially fairs which involve interior and houses. Last Saturday we attended the Kevätmessu (Spring Fair) in Helsinki. The Spring Fair brings four different trade fairs under one roof namely Own Home, Own Yard, Own Cabin and The Sisusta! Interior Decoration fair.

There was a lot to see. Whilst walking around we saw flower arrangements, sauna cabins, garden furniture, fireplaces, cute cupcake shaped soaps and lots of people with stripey shirts. It so happens that both Miss Mo and I were wearing a striped shirt without the other knowing. That just shows how in sync we are. Bloggers, best friends and striped shirt wearers extraordinaire.

Beautiful flower arrangement by Jason Sudeikis lookalike.



Cupcake shaped soaps!

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