Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Miss My at Flow Festival

Last month I got a message from my friend, Paula, asking if I want to go to Flow with her. With Flow she meant Flow Festival which is an annual musical festival in Helsinki. At Flow different types of artists perform and the music can range from indierock to club music. I had never been to a music festival before so I was really keen on going and when Paula told me that Alicia Keys would be performing I said "yes, let's go!".

We met at Sörnäinen Metro station and decided to go eat at Lemon Grass (for more info on Lemon Grass go here) before proceeding to the festival. I had Pad Thai Kai and it was absolutely delicious as usual.

After Lemon Grass we walked to the Flow Festival which is located in Suvilahti. We had some problems finding it but we just followed the hipsters and sure enough the hipsters were heading to the festival. The atmosphere was amazing and I was just in awe of all the hipsters walking around there. I was checking their clothes and hairstyles whilst listening to the music.

When we arrived a Finnish rap artist was performing. We got some desserts and a drink and went to the seating and eating area where we found an empty hammock. Yes you read it right: hammock. The organisers had created cosy seating areas and strung up colourful hammocks. It all added to the relaxed atmosphere of the festival. Just go with the Flow.

At 22:30 Alicia Keys was scheduled to perform. The area in front of the stage was getting very crowded but Paula and I managed to secure a good spot from which we could see Alicia really well. Her performance was fantastic. Flawless. She is like every artist should be. She is multi-instrumental, a songwriter and a great singer. And she was on time which is refreshing for an artist of her caliber.

Paula and I had a great evening and I will definitely go with and to the Flow next year!


For more info on Flow go here:


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