Thursday, June 20, 2013

Miss My's Tiimari Balcony Styling

I decided that it was time to restyle my balcony. I've been planning it for ages but never got round to actually doing it. This summer I was very inspired by Tiimari's summer products (love love love their stripy cushions) and Tiimari has generously provided me with products to revamp my balcony.

The products provided by Tiimari have given my balcony a fabulous summery look and now I love to spend time eating on our balcony with friends or family. And summer is a great time for hosting balcony dinner parties!

All the products in the pictures are from Tiimari except for some of my own items. A big thank you to Tiimari for being so generous. Have a look at my beautiful balcony.

Don't you just love the stripy cushions? I also love the little buckets with the words "love", "home" and "hope" on them. What do you think of my balcony? Any favourite Tiimari items?

For more information go to:

Glasses, bowls, table, chairs, hanging baskets, stool, plant and pot on stool are all Miss My's own.


  1. Hi! It looks very fresh and I love the cushions too! The pastel colours matches really well with white. Are those peas in the bowls? I can't wait to see your next styling endeavor!

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for your comment! It's nice to hear you like my styling. Especially as it was done on a budget. It was my first styling post but hopefully not the last! Have a great summer! :)

      Miss My

    2. Oh and yes, those are peas in the bowls! Finns eat those a lot in summer. It's especially fun when picking them yourself. It's a Finnish summer tradition! :)



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