Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Miss My's Week

I had quite an interesting week. Isabella was at the summer cottage with her father for a few days. I didn't join them (making it the first time Isabella and I were apart for more than one night) as I had to prepare our balcony for the styling post in cooperation with Tiimari (watch this space).

First I tidied up the balcony by removing all of Isabella's toys and junk (she really likes to drag stuff to the balcony), then I painted the balcony table, chairs and the balcony floorboards. I then went shopping for some extra (totally unnecessary) accessories (e.g. plants, flower, pot for flower etc.) and was really surprised (read: taken aback) by how much bits and bobs cost! I styled the balcony using the products generously provided by Tiimari and my own accessories but I still have some changes to make. Once the styling is ready I will write a post about it.

After all that painting (hard work by the way!) I felt like treating myself so I went out to eat with my friend, Sanna. We went to an American bistro chain called Chico's and I had the Pulled Pork Burger which was really good. For dessert I had Tarte Tatin with vanilla icecream. The Tarte Tatin was very tasty though surprisingly small. It was a bit larger than a 2 euro coin. But with the icecream the portion was just perfect.

The next day I was still marvelling at how much free time I had with Isabella being away and got a bit, well, bored as you can only spend so much time checking blogs and celebrity news. But then I got a spontaneous text from my neighbour asking if I wanted to come round for tea. Yes, please! She gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl almost a month ago and I oohed and aahed as the baby is really cute. Love the lovely tiny toes.

After visiting my neighbour I had little time to gather my things as I had to head to Lohja to meet Miss Mo. Miss Mo had come straight from work and was still wearing her work clothes which we both agreed were 'casual' and wouldn't have looked misplaced at a campsite and/or holiday park. We were both hungry and had dinner at a restaurant called Saskatoon (for more info click here). Miss Mo loved her Minute Steak and my Chicken with Goat's cheese was good but not extraordinary. What was extraordinary was the service. Our waitress couldn't have been nicer and the service was excellent. I would definitely recommend it for the service alone. Especially as the service we received at several shops left much to be desired. More about that later.

After dinner we felt like some dessert and Miss Mo had recommended Café Lauri. Unfortunately, Café Lauri was very very closed on Monday. Definitely have to go there on a non-Monday some day. We went looking for another coffee shop serving pastries and cakes but they were all closed or about to close so we just bought pastries from a supermarket and ate them sitting on a bench at the town square. The bench was funny and made us laugh as it was kind of built like a slide. I guess it triggered a laugh attack as we couldn't stop laughing (whilst sitting on the bench eating our pastries) after Miss Mo discovered a restaurant called Caballo Bayo. It sounds funny in Spanish. Then I noticed a shop under Caballo Bayo called Heng Heng Heng. Whilst eating our pastries a strawberry from the pastry fell onto Miss Mo's pants resulting in more laughter. Everything just seemed funny at that time.

We then decided to walk around Lohja center a bit and we popped into an interior boutique called Inside Style. We were still a bit giggly but we quickly stopped laughing as the boutique owner wasn't very nice to us. In fact, we thought she was rather rude. She responded in an odd way to Miss Mo's polite request to take pictures for our blog. Needless to say we didn't take any pictures (or buy any products) but maybe the owner was having an off-day and we might visit the boutique some other time.

We then felt like trying on some engagement rings at Timanttiset, located inside a Lohja mall. Again, we were treated rather rudely and when I pointed at one ring I wanted to try on the saleslady said rather haughtily that the ring costs 1800 euros. I was thinking what is wrong with these people and have they never heard of being customer friendly? We were a bit miffed after being treated rudely twice in a row so we decided to head to Amarillo for a drink on their terrace. Our moods changed rapidly and at this point we could laugh at the rude treatment and we just put it down to Miss Mo's casual work clothes.

Below are some pictures of my week. How was your week? Have you ever been to Lohja and if yes, how was your experience?

Preliminary Tiimari balcony styling.

Miss Mo's Minute Steak.

Miss My's Chicken with Goat's Cheese.

Eating pastry on the funny slide bench.

Miss Mo and Miss My just Heng heng henging in Lohja.

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