Monday, November 25, 2013

Miss My Loves Lohja: Lohja's Christmas Opening Parade

Last Friday I was in Lohja to attend Lohja's annual Christmas Street Parade with Miss Mo. I think I might just have to make it an annual Miss My tradition as it was fun!

The parade's starting place was the Church square and Miss Mo and I joined a big group of people anxiously awaiting the start of the Christmas Street Parade. Santa Claus was willingly posing for pictures with excited kids and even though it was quite chilly, no one seemed to mind as everyone was smiling.

Finally everyone partaking in the parade was ready, torches were lit and Virkkala's marching band was heading the parade followed by Santa in a truck, children carrying torches and, last but not least, an exciting crowd including us.

The parade took us through the heart of Lohja. Along the route candies were generously thrown around and Miss Mo and I managed to get our hands on some. What a treat!

The parade ended at Lohja's Market Square. Virkkala's marching band played a few more songs followed by a speech from Lohja's spokesperson for Entrepreneurs. He urged us to support and buy from local shops and businesses in these economically challenging times. Something Miss Mo and I wholeheartedly agree with. After the speech we were treated to a wonderful display of fireworks. There were 'oohs' and 'aahs' from people, the young as well as the old, and at that point I felt very grateful to have witnessed the parade and be part of the Lohja crowd. Now I'll have to wait another year for the parade but, fortunately, Lohja's Christmas Market is coming up! See you there!

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All pictures are by My Moon

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