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Joyful Christmas Markets 2013 in Finland

It's November. December is fastly approaching and it is time to start your Christmas shopping!!! In my opinion the best Christmas presents are personal and handmade ones which can always be found from Christmas markets. I love a good Christmas market but I'm never sure when and where the good ones are. So I have compiled a list of some of the most popular Christmas markets in Finland.

St. Thomas Christmas Market, Senate Square, Helsinki
Description: There are over 120 stalls at the St Thomas Christmas Market selling eg. crafts, baked goods and other Christmas specialities. Check also the Women's Christmas Fair with handicrafts and delicacies all made by women. For more info on the Women's Christmas Fair go here.

Event time: 7. - 22.12.2012
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10–19 and Sat-Sun 10–18
For more info go here.

Christmas Market, Old Great Square, Turku
Description: On four weekends, the Old Great Square offers activities for the entire family. In the festive sales stands you can find skilfully hand-crafted products and Christmas treats. In addition to the sales stands, the marketplace will be full of Christmas performances, gingerbread scent and music.

Event time: 23. - 24.11.2012, 30.11. - 1.12.2012, 7. - 8.12.2012, 14. - 15.12.2012
Opening hours: 11-17
For more info go here.

Christmas Market, Market Square, Tampere
Description: The Christmas Market offers relaxing moments and a merry atmosphere, performances to raise your holiday spirits to the fullest, and many artists and craftspeople presenting and selling their uniquely Finnish artworks and products. This is the great place to find good souvenirs and Christmas presents!

Event time: 5. - 22.12.2012
Opening hours: daily 10-19
For more info go here.

Christmas Fair, Old Porvoo, Porvoo
Description: Handicrafts, Christmas decorations, Christmas delicacies and Christmas presents. Meet also Santa Claus! Check also all the other Christmas related events here.

Event time: 14. - 15.12.2012
Opening hours: 10-16
For more info go here.

Old Time Christmas Fair, Vicinity of St. Lawrence Church, Lohja
Description: Finland’s largest two day Christmas fair attracts almost 250 vendors and 30000 visitors each year. During the fair one can, for example, sit down by the fire, enjoy tasty products from market stalls and cafes, listen to different choirs singing, see blacksmiths at work and follow the hustle and bustle of Santa’s elves among the fair crowd. During the Old Time Christmas Fair there is also a chance to see the Tytyri Mine Museum. Read our stories on Tytyri Mine Museum in English and Finnish.

Event time: 14.-15.12. 2012
Opening hours: Saturday 10-16 and Sunday 11-16
For more info go here.

We will write more elaborate pieces on the Christmas Markets in Helsinki and Lohja.

Happy Christmas shopping!!

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  1. Christmas Market, Old Great Square, Turku???

    It`s not Turku, it`s Town Hall Square of Tallinn, Estonia.(Viro)



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