Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Miss My's Fave Movies: Pretty Woman

Movies. I love them. Well, not all of them. Boy, are there some bad ones out there! However, the movies I do love are the ones that make me laugh, cry, angry, upset, passionate and, well, feel alive.

My alltime favourite movie is Pretty Woman. It's a classic even though the plot is not completely plausible. I mean rich guy falls in love with a hooker? It could happen but it's quite unlikely. When watching the movie you feel like it's possible. Anything and everything is possible in Hollywood. When watching the movie you feel that if you were a hooker (it could happen) you could be swept off your feet by a rich, goodlooking, funny man with a limousine and a driver. You also feel that you could be waiting for him at the bar of a hotel. He is late. When he arrives you say "you're late" and he says "you're stunning" and you say "you're forgiven". I am sure that has happened in real life. Really. To someone other than me. 

My favourite things about the movie are the chemistry between Edward (the rich guy) and Vivian (the hooker) and the dialogue. The chemistry. I have never seen anything like it and I have watched a lot of movies. Julia Roberts is so spontaneous and funny when playing Vivian. You can tell Jules is really funny in real life and it makes you want to be her friend. I wouldn't mind going on a shopping spree with her and have the 'really offensive' bill paid by Edward. The dialogue. I have never seen anything wittier!

My least favourite thing about the movie is Edward's friend, Philip Stuckey. He is so awful I think of him as Sucky Stuckey. Just watch the movie and you will agree with me. He is one nasty character.

I could go on and on about this movie but I think you should just rent it and watch it with a group of girlfriends and some serious snacks. You will laugh, cry, feel moved and alive. And you will be quoting lines from the movie for the rest of your life. Just ask my friends. They are sick of it by now.

Watch this space for more of my favourite movies. Tell me what is your favourite movie?



  1. I also love that movie but I don't agree with you about Edward being good looking. I've never liked Richard Gere! Don't ask me why I think that but there's just something about that guy I don't like.

  2. Hi Kaisu. Thanks for your comment! I don't like Richard Gere that much either but I don't think he's completely unfortunate looking, haha. Imagine the movie with Ryan Gosling instead of Richard Gere. Mmm



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