Friday, November 9, 2012

My love for all things Pentik

When Miss Mo and I met in Ireland we immediately found out we had one thing in common. Our love for Pentik. According to their website "Pentik is an international interior design retailer, with over 70 stores in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland. The stores reflect our holistic interior design philosophy that emphasises quality and attention to detail." To me Pentik means lots and lots of beautifully wrapped gifts to my loved ones and myself. Whenever I buy a Pentik item for myself I have them giftwrap it as just looking at the package gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. When my sisters visited me from Holland they spent hundreds of euros on Pentik items as they saw so many beautiful things and their greed got the best of them. They bought so much they probably ended up paying extra for excess baggage. But it's really worth it as their items are real classics.

There is so much to love at Pentik. But here are some examples. Please note that all pictures have been taken from

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