Saturday, November 24, 2012

All I want for Christmas...

By: Pottery Barn

Noin viikon kuluttua joulukalenterin ensimmäinen luukku aukeaa. Myös täällä blogissamme!
Jokainen päivä jouluaattoon saakka paljastaa ihanan jouluisen reseptin, askartelu -tai koristeidean. Joulu on lempijuhlamme ja haluamme jakaa sen ihanan ajan tunnelmaa kanssanne. Luvassa inspiraatiota, joulun tuoksua ja valoa synkkiin iltoihin.
Loppuhuipennuksena luvassa sisustustuotteen arvonta! 
Stay tuned!

A bit over a month to go and Santa Claus is coming to town! Soon we will hear Christmas songs on the radio and Christmas lights and decorations will brighten up the dark winter days. We will try to brighten up your winter days with a Christmas calendar. From December 1st onwards we will offer tips on decorating and gift wrapping, ideas for Christmas presents and lots of Christmas recipes. Every day you can check the calendar and see what we have in store for you that day. We hope you will be as excited about our Christmas calendar as we are! If you have any ideas and/or tips for our Christmas calendar please let us know as we would love to hear from you!

Miss Mo & Miss My

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