Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Miss My's Dream Homes: Whita Willan

I have always been a big lover of wooden houses (see my kannustalo post here) and Whita Willan is picture perfect. In fact, the exterior and interior are so close to my ideal home, that we decided to interview the owner of the house, Helena Liewend.

According to the house description the design of the house is unique, self-designed and it has been built on the spot.

Helena told us that the house was built by a private, local and very skilled construction team. We asked her how she came up with the decoration of the house and what inspired her. Helena told us that a combination of Scandinavian and New England was the basic inspiration ideas as to the style.

The house is a wooden house and the only problem they encountered was a delay in the delivery of materials. The construction team managed to stay on schedule with a delay of just a few months which Helena told us is very little.

We asked Helena whether she is pleased with the outcome. Helena answered that they have been very happy with the house. Helena is very grateful to the people who built it. The construction team was very careful with all the details and the house is beautifully crafted. Helena wouldn't have done anything differently.

We wondered whether whether environmental friendliness is something she considered before the house was built. She answered that it is an important issue and one should consider it in all decisions. My Moon supports environment friendliness so we were very happy to hear that.

Helena deems her style to be 'Bourgoise-Bohème' and dynamic harmony. To Helena blending the light with the 'right colors' is important. Furthermore, a mixture of nice things, preferably with a history and a meaning, spiced with some fun details is something she values. It is the emotional worth that brings value to things. Harmony, beauty and nice to be in are the key elements. The kitchen is the heart of the house, and the dining room is where you socialize. By the fire you play chess, read and reflect.

We wanted to know what they love most about the house. Helena answered that they love the light, the harmony, its beauty and the atmosphere altogether and being surrounded by nature. 

When asked about what the word 'home' means to her Helena had a poignant answer. To them home is the most important place. Home is the place for parties, fun, work and rest. It is their own corner in the vast world. It is an evolving place. To take care of the home, the way women have done throughout the years, is not appreciated enough today. To build a house in harmony with nature seems to have been forgotten as well – but perhaps there will be a revival on these aspects as to longevity, beauty and harmony.

Helena loves the house and the garden which grew out of nothing. The house is at its best when filled with people. To design and plan the house was a creative experience. Helena is looking forward to the next house project. My Moon wishes Helena good luck with her next house project and we are sure it will be very successful!

Helena has decorated the house with Christmas decorations. She kindly provides us with some Whita Willan Christmas pictures.

Danita Westphal / Lea Jakama Oy LKV
For more information go to: danita.westphal@leajakama.fi / + 358 40 3525156

For more information go to: Oikotie
For more information go to: Etuovi



  1. Who wouldn't love this white house, eh? This is so adorable! I wish I can find a white house that looks like this. Well, I know I can't find a place that will look exactly the same, but I wish I can find a home that needs few renovations to achieve the cozy feeling. Hehe! Thanks for sharing this. I'll pin the photos for inspiration. :)

    Genny Stutesman @ Dallas.ChurchillMortgage.com

  2. It’s understandable why you fell in love with this house -- it looks gorgeous! Just looking at it draws a smile on anyone’s face. And I’m sure you felt more than that when you had the opportunity to interview the owner. How was the experience?

    Arlene Keller @ Scott Sauer RE/MAX Action Realty

  3. It’s quite amazing that the concept for this home was designed by only one person. Then again, it gave Helena the opportunity to pour her personality and preferences into the whole thing. And I must say, she really has a good taste in interior designing. Every room of the house speaks of comfort and coziness that one can only feel in a place that they can call their own. Thanks for sharing!

    Justin Garrett @ Buzz Homes



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