Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Decoration Ideas

We don't really celebrate Halloween in Holland but I have noticed it is getting quite popular in Finland. I have always wanted to celebrate it as it is just such a fun event. On Halloween it is perfectly acceptable to let your inner child come out, dress up and act silly! And you get to make all kinds of fun decorations! And eat lots of candies in fun shapes such as bats and spiders! What's not to like?

For inspiration I turned to my good friend, Google, and found some fabulous pictures of Halloween decorations. Have a look:

Halloween party table

Halloween party table

Halloween cemetery

Halloween drinks


Bat Mobile



Hall way


Pumpkins on the stairs

Dead & Breakfast



Halloween outdoor decorations


Yesterday Isabella drew a picture of me. Apparently, I look pretty scary to her so I might not have to dress up after all! Happy Halloween everyone!!

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