Saturday, January 12, 2013

Miss My's Fave Jewelry

I was reading a magazine called Grazia when I saw an ad for My Dior jewelry. I'm in love with the rings and I can't decide which one I love more. I'm usually drawn to white gold as I think yellow gold doesn't suit my Asian skin. So, maybe I like the white gold ring most. Have a look and decide which one you like most.

My Dior ring in white gold with diamonds.

My Dior ring in pink gold with diamonds.

My Dior ring in yellow gold with diamonds.

I love this cuff and I think it would be great combined with the My Dior ring in yellow or white gold. Apparently My Dior cuffs are quite a hit with celebrities as Marion Cotillard and Michelle Pfeiffer have been spotted wearing one. Can't blame them!
My Dior cuff in yellow gold with diamonds.

Talking about cuffs. I love this white gold and diamond cuff from Dynasty Jewelry:

I'm also a sucker for diamond and pearl earrings. Always have been and always will be. Here are some really nice ones I've found on the internet.

Swarovski white gold with pink pearl earrings.

Look at these gorgeous earrings from 'jeweler to the stars': Harry Winston. For a very reasonable $37,100.00 they can be yours!

Harry Winston Sunflower Earrings.

Much more in my price range ($23.92) but almost as beautiful are these:

I really like Finnish jewelry. One of my favourite Finnish jewelry brands is Kalevala. Here are some of my favourite Kalevala pieces.

Kalevala's Lumpeenkukka necklace.

Kalevala's Lumpeenkukka earrings.

Kalevala's Onerva earrings.

Kalevala's Naisen Ääni earrings.

Kalevala's Vanamo necklace.

Kalevala's Vanamo earrings.

Kalevala's Boogie necklace.

Another Finnish jewelry brand I like is Lumoava.

Bella earrings.

Kiara necklace.

According to Grazia magazine hand jewelry is up and coming. I like these:

Suitable for beach weddings.

Drop hand jewelry.

Hand jewelry.

So, there you go. Some of my favourites from the huge selection on offer. Let me know if there are any nice pieces you think are worth mentioning as I am always on the look out for interesting and beautiful jewelry.

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