Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Miss My would love to spend New Year's in NY

Happy New Year everyone!!

How and where did you spend it? Did you spend it with your family in Finland or abroad? Were you skiing when the year changed or were you sipping cocktails on a sandy white beach? Mmm, sipping cocktails on a sandy white beach (served by a tanned, handsome, shirtless waiter?) sounds lovely.

However, my ideal place to spend New Year's Eve would be New York. It just seems like such a vibrant, cosy and Christmassy (those Americans sure know how to decorate, don't they?) place to ring in the New Year. I would love to be on Times Square to watch the famous crystal ball drop as part of the New Year’s Eve celebration.

Have you ever spent New Year's Eve in New York? Was it as amazing as I imagine it to be? Or did you spend it in another amazing place which you would totally recommend? An ex-colleague of mine flew from Australia to New York on New Year's Eve in 1999 so he could ring in the year 2000 in both cities. Did you do the same? Please let me know!

Have a great year everyone!!!

Miss My

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