Thursday, January 10, 2013

We Heart Beams.

Miss Mo has said it before: we love beams. Beams make any room feel cosy, warm and homely. Especially combined with a fire place. I'm a big fan of dark wooden beams with light (usually white) sofas and dark wooden furniture. That combination just works for me. Although it mainly works for people who have no kids, no dogs and who leave their shoes in the hall way. Unfortunately, my beamy dream house went out the window after Isabella was born. But it doesn't hurt to look at pictures, am I right?

I have collected some pictures of rooms with beams. Maybe you'll be inspired by these beamtiful (quite proud of that one) rooms!

Dark wooden beams with white sofas and wooden furniture. Beamtiful!

Oh, white beams are lovely too!

One of my faves. Miss Mo found it first.

Beams also work with beige sofas with white pillows and throws. More family friendly!

Beams with leather and striped sofas. So light with the French windows!

The cute windows in the ceiling make the beams more beamtiful.
Love the fireplace with the built-in shelves.

Dark wooden beams and white sofas again. It just works.

Beams with a built-in daybed!

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