Thursday, January 24, 2013

Miss My's Favourite Kitchen.

I have found my favourite kitchen! Or wait, have I? Because my favourite kitchen used to look a bit different. My favourite kitchen is still white but I guess my taste has matured a bit. Kitchen styles evolve after all. As do I. I think.

Here is a picture of the Ikea kitchen I fell in love with 8 years ago.

I remember falling in love with the glass door cabinets, wood worktops and I really loved the red tiles. Now I'm not so sure about the red tiles anymore and my taste has slightly changed.

Here are some kitchens I'm in love with now.

Kitchen by Neptune.

I love the simple white cabinets, the island, the black (granite?) worktops and the cream Aga. In winter I can imagine sipping my hot chocolate with whipped cream at the island whilst the kitchen is heated by the Aga.

I would also love a pantry like the one below. It's so organised. Whereas I am not.

I also love this kitchen:


I love the white cabinets with the wood worktops and white sink. I do miss an Aga though.

What does your favourite kitchen look like?

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